I bought a new computer and the App says it's been moved.
After moving the App, alter your username slightly (from the orginal name you use to register), then re-enter your password. .

I entered my password and it still says it's unregistered.
1. Most likely it's because you don't have the latest version of the software you're trying to register.
2. If you're using OS X, you'll need to drag the software folder to your Applications folder.
3. After the software is running, go to "Scripts" then to "Register XXX" (XXX represents the name of the software) and paste your password, then click the Register button. Be sure not to copy any blank spaces before or after the password.

I registered but my Pull-Down Menus are still gray... After you register the software most of the pull-down menus will still be dimmed. Adding, deleting, printing, etc. are all accomplished using the on-screen buttons. All DFC software automatically saves the information as you type it - there's no need for a Save Menu.

To recover a damaged file... Mac: hold down the Command + Option keys immediately after running the application.
Windows: hold down the Control + Shift keys immediately after running the application.

Proper Display. Most of DigitalFriedChicken's software uses Verdana for on-screen display and prints with Times New Roman. Please make sure those two fonts reside on your computer.

Protecting your information. Backup regularly. Hard Drive crashes, power failures and system crashes are a fact of life. When this happens, any open file or program is vulnerable to damage or corruption. Since operating environments are often unstable, your best defense is to back up your databases. On-site backups can guard against loss from software or hardware failure, but it won't help against loss by fire, theft, etc. For that, you need to save one of your backups off site.

The following FAQ's and Tips relate to CookWare Deluxe...

TIPS: |A> If you made changes to one of the recipes that comes with CookWare Deluxe (or the recipe sets) you'll need to check the "My Recipe" checkbox so you can keep these changes the next time CookWare Deluxe is updated; otherwise the changes will be lost when updating to a new version of CookWare Deluxe.
|B> You can send a recipe to a group of people by separating each recipient with a comma and a space e.g. friend@comer.com, friend@comer.com, friend@comer.com.
|C> If you'd like to create a shopping list for a single recipe, select Create Menu for that recipe and click the Menu button.

How to Scale a Recipe: The idea behind CookWare Deluxe is that you don't have to fill-out a lot of fields - just drag and drop. However, drag and drop eliminates the ability to adjust a recipe's serving sizes. CookWare Deluxe lets you adjust serving sizes for individual ingredients by using the Scale Measures calculator. This helps scale individual recipe quantities in order to adjust them for more servings.
|Tip> Use Duplicate Recipe script to make a Party version of a recipe. Scale individual recipe quantities to adjust them for more servings, and categorize it as Entertaining Guests.
Note: Not all recipes should be scaled - especially baking recipes because sometimes-precise chemistry involved. No matter what the recipe - scaling almost always affects the cooking time and seasoning amounts.

I exported/backed-up My Recipes and I can't find the file. For version 2.0 or higher... CookWare Deluxe saves all your recipes to a file named "My Recipes (Backup).tab" with no quote marks.
For versions prior to 2.0... when you export your recipes a file is saved with the file name "MyRecipes" - one word with no quote marks. When you Back-up My Recipes a file is saved with the file name "MyRecipes (back-up)" with no quote marks.
To find your files... perform a search of your Hard Drive for these files.